Hydrogeologic Consulting Services
Hydrogeologic Consulting Services
Hydrogeologic Consulting Services
Hydrogeologic Consulting Services


We firmly believe that only companies that concentrate their work in certain areas can provide truly exceptional work. Since we would never offer our customers anything less, we specialize in the following core competencies:

  • Project Management
  • Ground Water Geology
  • Nepa Analysis (Mining, Oil & Gas)
  • Vadose Zone Monitoring
  • Unsaturated Flow Modeling
  • Ground Water Modeling
  • Federal Agency Permitting (BLM, Tribal, etc.)
  • Field Services
  • Remediation
  • Aquifer Characterization
  • Aquifer Testing
  • Water Sampling
  • Water Rights
  • Expert Witness Testimony
    • Training and Technical Support
    • Data Base Design
    • Small to Enterprise GIS Implementation
    • Legacy Data Conversion to Searchable Map Data
    • GIS Project Management
    • Workflow Analysis
    • Geologic Maps and Cross Sections
    • CAD Engineering Mapping
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